This project is about how I perceive myself, and how my (extended) family perceives me. I made studies of self portraits based on quick glances in a mirror. Out of those drawings I picked a few to show my family and see what their reaction is, and based on their reactions I highlighted certain parts of the drawings. Based on those drawings I made several paintings, photos and a video. These are some of the sketches I made Scan    Scan 1    Scan 23    Scan 11 Travis_10_R5    Travis_9_R5   Travis_2_R5    Travis_3_R5 Scan 35    Scan 28     Scan 36     Scan 38 These are the paintings I made Cry about it_R5   Smile please_R5   Stare a lot_R5   Eyes closed_R5

Family Feud 2016 Acrylic and leaves on paper 97 x 117 cm

The photographs are a follow up to the painting I made titled "Family Feud". The mask was inspired by Sébastien Michael and his "Design Correction" project. Travis_masked1   Travis_masked3_1    Travis_masked4_1 Travis_masked4_2_R12   Travis_masked10_1   Travis_masked11_1 It was suggested that I should keep working on the concept of the mask but in video form, so I could play more with the space. The video is about my identity at home and how I cope with the outside pressures of my extended family. IMG-20160419-WA0004   IMG-20160419-WA0005 IMG-20160419-WA0006    IMG-20160419-WA0007