My first assignment at IBB was given by, Marvi Johanna Franco Zapata (MJ). The assignment was to teach us how to find inspiration by working for it. The first part of the assignment was to drawing four different still lives, from four different angles. MJ_stillife1_1_R5   MJ_stillife1_2_R5   MJ_stillife1_3_R5   MJ_stillife1_4_R5 MJ_stillife2_1_R5  MJ_stillife2_3_R5 MJ_stillife2_2_R5   MJ_stillife3_1_R5   MJ_stillife3_2_R5   MJ_stillife4_2_R5 MJ_stillife4_1_R5  MJ_stillife_filler_R5   Than we had to choose a word and a household object, and to find a connection between the two by researching them. I chose "repetition" and an iron as my word and household object.After the research I had to make drawings from three still lives I made at home based on my concept (the connection I made). The next part of the assignment was than to choose a body part and make drawings of it where you distort it,or draw it from angles that make it less recognizable. MJ_home_stillife1_image_R5   MJ_home_stillife_filler_R5   MJ_home_stillife3_image_R5   MJ_home_stillife_filler_R5 MJ_home_stillife1_R5   MJ_home_stillife2_R5   MJ_home_stillife3_R5  MJ_bodypartsketches_R5   When we finished all this we had to make two composite drawings of all the drawings we made so far during the assignment, and than make a composite drawing of the two on A3 with charcoal. But I made three composite drawings, and from those three I made three charcoal composite drawings. MJ_compositionsketch1_R5   MJ_compositionsketch2_R5   MJ_compositionsketch3_R5   I found this assignment very interesting and challenging at some points. I have not spent time prior to this drawing still lives, so the experience was new to me. Also I have never drawn with charcoal, let alone on such formats. But it was interesting to see how you can get inspiration out of seemingly mundane and random objects. MJ_composit_compositionsketch_R5   MJ_Final1_1_R5   MJ_Final2_2_R5   MJ_Final3_1_R5