This assignment was given by, Fiona Henriquez. The assignment was about a "red line" in your life, something (good or bad) that caused a significant change in your life till this day. First we had to make several sketches about this "red line", and than we had to make a drawing on A3 using charcoal and a red wire. I choose a personal part of my childhood as the "red line" in my life. I don't want to explain to much, but simply put its about conforming, and  self identity. I read once about how octopuses are actually the true masters of camouflage in the animal kingdom, and that is why they are prevalent in my sketches. Redline_sketch1_R5            Redline_sketch3_R5            Redline_sketch4_R5 Redline_sketch6_R5             MJ_home_stillife_filler_R5             Redline_sketch5_R5 Redline_sketch2_R5   Redline_Final1_R5      MJ_home_stillife_filler_R5   After that, we had to make a combination of a collage and a drawing, using materials or concepts from our sketches. It was hard at first to make something so personal, but I really enjoy pushing my self to work outside my comfort. I am not saying that I am completely outside my comfort here, but it was a start and I still constantly push my self further. Redline_Final3_R5      Redline_Final4_R5