This was an assignment we got, to make a work based on the cutting technique of Ellen Gallagher. You didn't have to copy the style exactly, but try to make it our own. I got the assignment a day after the rest of the students, so I got to see their work before I made my own.

I really liked what they did, but I noticed that a lot of them where forming images by cutting the material and sometimes layering it. I also noticed that in some of Ellen Gallagher’s work. I didn't want to make a work that was derivative of what I have seen. So for mine I tried to layer different material and than cutting in to it to try to create an image by exposing different parts of each layer. When I was layering the materials and the images I only glued the outer frame of each layer. Everything in the middle where i was going to cut was loose, so it can fall or fold together to make different textures.

I was given 30 minutes to make it, so I wasn't focused on getting any specific image. I had to just trust that the end result would be good, because a mistake meant that I would have to start over. So I just cut until I was happy with how it looked.