From the artists in residents, Bart Stuart en Klaar van der Lippe, we got a workshop about Erwin Wurm's "one minute sculptures".

"Since the late 1980s, he (Erwin Wurm) has developed an ongoing series of One Minute Sculptures, in which he poses himself or his models in unexpected relationships with everyday objects close at hand, prompting the viewer to question the very definition of sculpture. He seeks to use the "shortest path" in creating a sculpture—a clear and fast, sometimes humorous, form of expression. As the sculptures are fleeting and meant to be spontaneous and temporary, the images are only captured in photos or on film. To make a One Minute Sculpture, the viewer has to part with his habits. Wurm’s instructions for his audience are written by hand in a cartoon-like style. Either Wurm himself or a volunteer follow the instructions for the sculpture, which is meant to put the body in an absurd and ridiculous-looking relationship with everyday objects. Whoever chooses to do one of Wurm’s One Minute Sculptures holds the pose for a minute, or the time it takes to capture the scene photographically. These positions are often difficult to hold; although a minute is very short, a minute for a One Minute Sculpture can feel like an eternity."                                  Source; Erwin Wurm, Wikipedia page

After the workshop we had to pick a partner and try to remake or improvise our own versions of the "one minute sculptures". I worked with Goretti Pombo a second year student, and we tried to do as many sculptures as we can. Goretti bag 1 Goretti bagged head 3                          Goretti buckets 2                          Goretti pantsed head 1_R5 Goretti stacked 4                          Goretti stair 3                          Balance_filler   Next they asked us to make sketches of our own ideas for a "one minute sculptures", and photograph ourselves doing them. After the first ones I did  I also when to the city (Willemstad, Curaçao) with two other first yeas, Melitza Kleijn en Amber Tummers, to photograph ourselves doing "one minute sculptures" in a different environment. Oneminutesculpture_sketch_R5              Travis pipes 4                          Travis pipes 1 Travis oranges 3                          Balance_filler                          Travis hangers 1_R5     Amber and Melitza bridge 1                          Amber and Melitza pipe limbs 8                          Amber and Travis sitting cone 1_R5 Melitza Amber and Travis 1      Melitza bags 4 Melitza and Amber pipes 4                          Amber pipes 5                          Travis broom 4_R5 Travis and Amber sewers 2       Travis and Amber sign 1   After words we also got to make a video of a"one minute sculptures" museum in the public space of the city. Each student posed for (more than) a minute along a strip in the city, and it was all filmed to be showcased. These where my "one minute sculptures" from the film. Travis oranges 5 Travis oranges 6      Travis oranges 8_R5