The balance project was a linked with the celebration of a consultancy office based in Curaçao, named Balance Caribbean (they offer recruitment, communications and compliance services to clients in the Dutch Caribbean). They were celebrating there 5th year anniversary, and wanted IBB to be a part of it. They wanted second year students to make artwork for each of there clients. Each piece would stay with the corespondent company for a week, and than auctioned off at a big celebratory party by Balance Caribbean. I worked on this project with another first year student, Amber Tummers. We got the company "Nationaal Archief Curaçao"(National Archive). The theme of the project was "balance", but it also had to have a relation with the individual company. So we interviewed Mr Max Scriwanek (director) and also got a guided tour of the building and there proceedings. Balance_rondleiding_nationalarchief3_R5       Balance_rondleiding_nationalarchief2_2_R5       Balance_rondleiding_nationalarchief1_R5   Looking at the space and information we got from the interview, tour, and also there website, we decided on an assemblage sculpture to represent various informations in there archives. We only had two weeks so at first we thought the best way to reach the deadline is to immediately start on the sculpture, and think it through as we work. At first we made one composition, but then MJ (a teacher) advised us to make different compositions to get a better understanding of what works best. Balance_assemblage1_1_R5            Balance_assemblage1_2_R5             Balance_assemblage1_4_R5            Balance_filler Balance_assemblage2_1_R5            Balance_assemblage2_2_R5             Balance_assemblage2_3_R5            Balance_filler   But while working with the assemblage we noticed that we were lost, so we decided to go back and work more on the concept. We researched more, and narrow the theme down to just one archive. Than we made a word association and narrow that down again to a concrete them. The archive was about internment camps in WWII on Curaçao and Bonaire and the theme was, the pressure of guilt. We made several experiments to see how best to portray guilt. Balance_sketch8_R5                              Balance_sketch10_R5                             Balance_sketch11_R5 Balance_experiment1_1_R5 Balance_experiment2_1_R5           Balance_experiment2_3_R5             Balance_experiment2_2_R5           Balance_experiment2_5_R5            Balance_experiment3_1_R5                        Balance_filler   After looking at the experiments we did we selected what we thought worked best, and start working on the final piece. There was some struggle getting while making the sculpture, but we think it all really helped shaping the final look. Our sculpture is e representation of what happend at “Playa Pariba”, but also about the way we deal with our history. The wooden structure is a reference to the wooden houses at “Playa Pariba”, in which the residents of the camp lived. The heavy bundle of clothes, hidden with beautiful colors and patterns, is a representation of anxiety and guilt that is ignored. Guilt for neglecting parts of our history. Although this neglect can be unconscious, it's still always there. This puts a great deal of weight on us that we can't bear. Balance_process1_2_R5           Balance_process2_R5             Balance_process3_R5          Balance_process5_R5 Balance_sculpteur_nationalarchief4_R5 Dimensions: 158 x 84 x 190 cm (L x W x D)   Balance_finalsculpture_whitespace_1_R5                Balance_finalsculpture_whitespace_2_R5                Balance_finalsculpture_whitespace_3_R5 Balance_finalsculpture_whitespace_4_R5                Balance_finalsculpture_whitespace_6_R5 Video; Balance Project