My name is Renzo de Pablo  I am a 18 year old art student. I started art as a way to feed my boredom in classes while i was attending school and just to get some thoughts and images out of my head. I started enjoying it and doing it more often even when I wasn't done with the exam I started drawing  on the papers and then proceed finishing my exam. Got in trouble for it since it was provocative and not the kind of images they would like to see, since it was a catholic school and at the time i was very interested in the religion satanism. Then i realized i've been drawing what interests me  and not just "random" figures out of the blue and that caught my attention. Began looking into new stuff research has become one of my hobbies,  figuring out how shit works, questioning everything, it just opened a whole new door for me  cause i realized everything that went in my mind i made it my own and started just sketching it cause it was in my head and head to get it out.