HELLO, I'M BACK! 😀 At school, each year we have to do 2 or more electives. For my first elective I chose Mimicking Machines where at the end we have to make a human powered machine! But first we learn how to work with the actual machines. The first week we learned a  bit more about the 3D printing machine. The awesome part? Getting to experiment with it while doing the assignment! 😀 The assignment was to make at least 5 prints: 1) a clean print. 2) 3 prints changing the settings on the machine drastically. 3) a print using an interesting structure that would react to not having a support. Here are my results! (All the following models range from 1 to 11cm in size) 3d-exp-4b A few clean prints. The four triangles form the half of a cube. I downloaded the model from http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:10483. There you can see how the cube is supposed to look like. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO THE PERSON THAT MADE THE MODEL! Then the fun part came, the part where you start playing with the settings of the 3D printer. I used the cube model to experiment. While the 3D machine is doing its work, if you change the nozzle from its initial starting point, you can make interesting compositions. I also experimented with turning the fan off, so it couldn't cool the material and also raising the nozzle temperature more than needed. 3d-exp-5b 3d-exp-3b For a few of the experiments I decided to add extra material to the composition while the machine was printing. 3d-exp-7b   3d-exp-8b 3d-exp-6b For the following models I put the speed settings of the 3D printer to extremely fast and to not have a structure inside the model. 3d-exp-1b  3d-exp-2b All in all, a fun assignment. Now I know how to work with the 3D machine and to use it in ways it shouldn't normally be used (which is more fun). Plus, there are more experiments I want to do on that machine! By doing these experiments I'm finding new media to make works with, which at the end, is what I like about the Fine Arts study.