In this post I will be writing about the second assignment for the WdKa. The second assignment consisted of: 1. Making an object, figure, product or space using either carton or paper. 2. Adding an object or action to the object, figure, product or space you made, which connects it clearly to a target audience. 3. Making a presentation in a random medium by which the targeted audience understands what you made for them. I decided I would work with paper and that I wanted to make a figure. This time I put myself really open to experimenting with the material. I started out by throwing ink and spray paint in water and putting paper in it to see which prints I could get. Process 'Paper Boyfriend'     exp 2 exp 18 I also scratched the paper when it was wet to see how it reacted. Then I also scratched dry paper and put ink on it. After this I proceeded to creating more depth in the studies. exp 14  exp 16 exp 1 Study 1, 2 & 3, ink and spray paint on paper, A2   I also wanted to test how the paper takes shape of objects when wet. exp 3 Study 4, mixed media, 26x29x1cm    exp 6.5 Study 5, mixed media, 40x21x27cm   After this I started testing around with shapes and colors and studying the weakness and strength of paper. exp 4 Study 6, mixed media, 24x30x18cm     exp 19 Section of 'Study 6' exp 8 Study 7, mixed media, 115x20x20cm    exp 20 Section of 'Study 7' exp 5 Study 8, mixed media, 26x24x2cm   exp 10 Study 9, mixed media, 30x30x12cm exp 13 Study 10, mixed media, 57x33x23cm     exp 12 Study 11, mixed media, 24x17x19cm exp 9 Study 12, mixed media, 30x11x13cm exp 11.5 Study 13, mixed media, 40x39x12cm   exp 11.7 Different angle 'Study 13'   When I was done with the experiments, I sketched some ideas I had for the figure. 1 8s    1 7dc Sketch 1 & 2, pencil on paper, A4   In practice I realised I wanted to experiment a bit more, and I got other ideas for the figure. Below you can see my process for the figure. process 2 5   process 3 5   process 1 5 After experimenting with the shapes I came on the following figure. I was happy with it because I know it is something I couldn't have thought of by sketching it. It came to exist because of the little studies I made with paper and being open to creating something new.   BEELD 5a White Angles, mixed media,130 x 210 x 140cm   beeld 7a       beeld 6a      beeld 9a When the figure was done, I started thinking about what I wanted to do with it and who would be the target group. During this time, I was also thinking about the youth of today and their empty relationships. I decided to combine this idea with the information I had acquired of my fellow students about the book 'Kort Amerikaans' by Jan Wolkers. In the plot of this book, the main character has sexual intercourse with a statue. Given that I thought the whole idea of someone having that kind of relationship with a statues was ridiculous, I decided I wanted to make a video in which I have a ridiculous romantic relationship with my figure. After this, I knew my targeted group would then be art students, because we are in constant close contact with our works and sometimes the relationship gets very difficult because art is not easy as many people would like to think. Combining a few key sentences with some key footage in a video, I would make this clear for my targeted group. I made the first few videos. I realised I was revealing the punch line too soon. The fact that the figure is my boyfriend didn't have to be so obvious immediately. I decided to make it less obvious and combine it with voice over and more serious acting. The following video was my end result.   Now I had to show it to my fellow students. I selected students that had not heard me explaining the video to get a pure reaction. They laughed and a few of them simply said yes. Some were a bit confused. I was happy with the laughter because the ridiculous concept was clear to them. I Ofcourse, the ones that said yes, meaning they understood, also satisfied me because I had gotten my message through.