As this school year is finishing, it became time for me, as a second year student to apply for a school. I applied for Willem de Kooning Academy (hereafter WdKA). As admission test I got two assignments from the WdKA. In this post I will be writing about the first assignment. The first assignment consisted of: 1. Choosing a remarkable space, garment, accessory, product or message. 2. To take a picture or make a sketch of what you chose and explaining in a few words about what you based your choice on. 3. Make a 3d or 2d work based on your description of what you chose. I chose a space in the graveyard I used before from when I recorded a video for the Saint Maria Goretti assignment. I chose this place because of the associations I made when I was there. This particular space made me think of cages, permanency, responsibilities. The heart made me think about my passion, which is art. Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 10a Scan (2)a Study Graveyard, crayon & pencil on paper, A4 I started researching graveyards to see what interesting information I could acquire. I found that a lot of people in the 18th century would get buried alive. Because of this, bells started being tied to the body in the coffin so if the person woke up, he could ring the bell and the coffin would be opened. Some people suspect the saying 'saved by the bell' came from these incidents. When I found out about this, I associated my passion for art as the 'saved by the bell' in my life. This is because I think that doing what I love will help me achieve my goals in life. When I thought about the other associations I made when I was at the chosen space at the graveyard, I started thinking about my siblings as my biggest goal to achieve yet. My siblings are successful people, and because of this I sometimes get the urge and feel the huge responsibility to become as successful as them at the cost of myself, to impress them. 1g Study 1Sketch 1, pencil on paper, A4 After this, I decided I really wanted to use pictures of my siblings for this assignment, so I used Photoshop to play around with the images. I decided I didn't want to use the whole picture of my siblings because they reminded me of  responsibilities I didn't want to think about. family collage 2d    study 5d Studies Photoshop, Photoshop image, 6MB (each)   I also made a sketch regarding the 'saved by the bell' passion in my life, but also keeping in mind that sometimes my passion is what makes me stress and become ill lots of times. IMG_8811df Sketch 2, pencil on paper, 2 x A2 After these sketches I decided I wanted to paint to start experimenting with the technique and the colors. For this painting I used all of the before mentioned ideas and mixed them  into one. purple 1a Study 3, acrylic on paper, A0 Next up, I was not satisfied yet with the painting I made, so I decided I should make more sketches. For me this was difficult because I attach myself to a sketch really easily. Because of this, I don't want to let go of the sketch, thinking I'll ruin everything. IMG_8810f Study 4, pencil on paper, A3 After a while, I realised I was putting too many strong components together in one, which was making the painting and sketches weak. I decided to start letting go of my attachment to the previous sketch, and make new sketches. IMG_8807fd Study 5, pencil on paper, A2 The following sketches are all pencil on A4 paper. 1 4f     1 3e 1 1d      1 5a After all these sketches, I'd finally found one that had all the components I wished for. 1 6s After deciding which sketch I would chose, I decided to make a color study. The first study has very aggressive colors because I have a tendency to become very angry at my life choices. This was more of a way of expressing myself. IMG_8806c  Study 11, acrylic on paper, A2 The second study has more calm colors, because I found after each life situation I get, thinking a bit with a cold head, helps a lot. IMG_9180fd Study 12, acrylic on paper, A2 I was satisfied with the last sketch, now it was time to paint the chosen sketch on a big sheet paper. Following, you can see my process of the painting. IMG_8729s     IMG_8730dc IgMG_9204dPurple Graveyard, acrylic on paper, 140 x 210 cm. What I learned of this assignment is to sketch and paint freely. And to never get too attached to a sketch. Sometimes it's a good choice, sometimes it's not. Sometimes getting attached to a sketch can hinder you from discovering something better. It's always about a choice.