Hello everybody! I'm back with a tale about a box that went to extremes! So for more than 1 month I was busy with a wall-sculpture. But how that came to be, will follow later! This whole adventure came from a seminar we got from Tirzo Martha. Everything started with the looking and drawing of 3 boxes on A2-sized paper. After that we had to make a composition of 2 boxes and draw it. Then out of the same composition we had to choose a detail and draw it. At the end we had to make an abstract drawing of the composition we made. Here you can see them in the order I mentioned them in: *Pictures coming soon* But of course we didn't finish there. Next up we had to do research about what a box is. Based on that research we got another topic to research. I got ''labelling". Sketch Box 5     Box Sketch 2 5    sketch box 5 After we had done research about our topic we had to make a work using pencil , charcoal, paper and a carton box. In that work we would have to include our research of our topic (duh!)and adjust our concept to a box. Box Wall 5 Then we had to make with 4 A2 papers a work about ourselves. This had to be an experimental work for us, where we try to break away from the old. idk After this part, we got a follow-up  assignment which was different for every student. I got the assignment to make a wall sculpture about myself. Immediately I thought: "I'm not even good with sculptures, I barely get by with painting... " After taking like 10 minutes to chill down, I started working.  I started making sketches, researching myself and then it was time to execute the sketches. What I realised was that what I sketched, I couldn't make. So it was time to improvise while still holding on to my concept. This was the result: All eyes on me final! 5 When we I got evaluated, the teachers said that I needed to exaggerate more, that I should go bigger with it. They thought the work I made had more potential, so they assigned me to keep working on it and of course I did. At a certain point -when I was almost done with the follow up wall sculpture- I got evaluated by Bart Stuart & Klaar van der Lippe. The evaluation I got was not so bright. They thought the work looked too complicated and so it was disrupting the view of the whole composition. They gave me a valuable tip which was that making art should be a dance, a dance of joy to be specific. According to them -and allot of people actually- when you struggled with your art piece, it would be visible in your work. So to make it short, I had to de-complicate my work and so I did. All Eyes On Me 2-2     All Eyes On Me 2 (b 5) This work was very challenging for me because I really have almost no experience at all with making sculptures. I was never a very technical girl, so to actually build or make a sculpture was kind of difficult for me. This assignment also made me realise I don't really think in depth so that's why I couldn't really execute my sketches. In the meanwhile I'm getting better because I'm earning some experience which really helps. AND THAT WAS IT FOR TODAY! Thanks again for reading peeps! - Goretti 🙂