As a first year student I got the privilege to join the second year students for this workshop. Each student got a wall to paint at Esmeralda (IBB’s future gallery space). On this wall we would have to make a mural. To make this mural, Hadassah Emmerich (who came to give the workshop) told us we had to choose a sentence that meant something to us, and on this we would have to base our concept. I chose ‘Life Is Still Needed’ because I found pity in the fact that the world is treating nature in a very unpleasant way. Such an unpleasant way that it might end in complete tragedy for the living. Hadassah Sketch 2 5   Hadassah Sketch 1 5   awesome ass sketch 1 6 H Sketch 3 5 H Sketch 9 5   H Sketch 8 5 Hadassah Sketch 5 5    Hadassah Sketch 6 5  muur 7 5b H Final Sketch 5 H Final 1 5    H Final 2 5 H Final mushrooms 5