Aaaaand I'm back! This time I'll be telling you about the story of Jonathan Balance. It goes like this: Once upon a time there was a company named Balance Caribbean. (Balance Caribbean is a consultancy office based in Curaçao and they offer recruitment, communications and compliance services to clients in the Dutch Caribbean.) This company was going to celebrate their 5th year anniversary and they wanted to do something special with the creative weirdos of IBB. They arranged in union with like 7 other companies an auction where they would sell art pieces made by the 8 chosen students of IBB. Each student got one of the companies and would have the interview the company to get information to make an art piece. The theme of all the art pieces also had to be ''balance''. I got Balance itself which was kinda funny for me, because since the theme is "balance'', i could simply cover that by just making the art piece of my company.  I was kinda cheating, I know. So of course, I went to research about my company and I went to the interview. The interview was nice, they gave me lots of freedom to decide where I wanted to put the art piece, or what it would be. Basically, they gave me creative freedom. All of us students got it, and it's because it was our first time actually making something for a company and from this chance we would get some experience in the whole matter. After the interview I started making sketches for a sculpture. I knew I wanted to make a sculpture because the company was already filled with paintings, and I wanted to do something unique for them. Here you can see some sketches and ideas: Sketch Jonathan During the whole time, of course, I got guidance from my teacher M.J. Franco Zapata. After she'd seen my research, she told me it'd be best to start making some models and that's what I did: Jonathan Maquette 1       Jonathan Maquette 2 front Jonathan Maquette 2 back I chose the second model (the colorful one). After my model was approved, the hard part came: TO ACTUALLY MAKE THE SCULPTURE... That's a problem for me because I am not a very technical woman but I was out for the job. With alloooot of technical help of my fellow colleagues, I managed to make Jonathan. And then Jonathan was sold at the auction by the company I made it for. With Jonathan I wanted to depict the good influence Balance has on its clients. . Because of this you can see a small structure becoming a bigger and taller structure.  I also wanted to integrate one interesting aspect of the process that Balance uses to detect the people’s personality which is a color palette. Another thing I wanted to introduce was some playful colors for a very serious and professional company (Balance). Screws I intentionally left visible had the function to give away the company’s importance and formality. Oh yes, I forgot to tell you the tale of how the sculpture got its name. It's a short tale and it goes like this: Once upon a time, there was a whole struggle for me to make a sculpture, and I had an inappropriate name planned for it. But then, I looked at the sculpture when it was done, and I saw him as a Jonathan. I then named him Jonathan Balance and I loved him. -THE END Feel free to admire Jonathan: Jonathan Balance    Jonathan & Me