Hello! I'm back!! So just when the school year was almost over at IBB, we got a really fun assignment from our teacher Fiona Henriques. The assignment went like this: There's a hat filled with strips of paper. Each of these strips have one topic written on it. It could be any topic, like gay marriage, animal abuse, religion etc. When you get your topic, you have to make a poster about it. In the poster you had to show your opinion about the topic too.  Another requirement for the poster was that it had to be so amazing for the IBB staff, that they would even hire you. We could use any material and the poster had to be made on a A2 paper. I got the topic sex-change operation. I immediately knew I wanted to make a very visible contrast in the appearance of the sexes, something that would surprise the viewer. I also wanted the viewer to be able to interact with the poster.  So I made a few sketches. You can check them out below: *Pictures coming soon* After that I went to collect some magazines to get some bodies and faces. I came across just the most perfect face and body. At that moment I knew for sure they would make an amazing combination. The only thing that was left to do, was to execute my plans. Below here you can see the awesome result: Not What I Seem I 2     Not What I Seem II 4 So in the first picture above you can see how the poster looks generally, just a man minding his own business behind the curtain... or so it appears. After you move the curtain.. surprise surprise.. you come across the body of a woman. Furthermore I think the text I put on the poster already explains my opinion about the topic very well. The reactions of the people were very satisfying because they would all start laughing or shake their head but then they would nod as if they got the message. And I almost forgot to mention, the IBB staff LOVED it. They were very amazed and if I was really applying for a job at IBB, I'm almost sure I would've gotten the job! Like I said at the beginning, it was a really fun assignment and I really enjoyed it. Why? Well, because it's not easy to make and amazing poster depicting your opinion about such a topic like sex-change, so it was a nice challenge for me. Thank you again for reading! - Goretti 🙂