For drawing classes at the HKU. We started out with the drawing of still lives. We used different materials. The drawing were all made with charcoal. We started off using simple forms of cardboards. 15122930_10209750406348990_1529723990630869099_o Then went not with quicker sketches and learning the rules of perspective. 15123389_10209750404868953_2516968745472436870_o 15156872_10209750405388966_843987734338660333_o 15195859_10209750405428967_7746404214412854748_o 15195993_10209750405468968_4813560987341244444_o Eventually we got the chance to finish up the drawings by adding shadow to it,making it more of a finished drawing than a sketch. 15129401_10209750404908954_7526515876567181859_o 15235448_10209750404948955_1054868870440886477_o