HKU organised an afternoon that all the first years would participate on the Holland's next Modeltekenen. HOLLAND'S NEXT MODELTEKENEN (Hollands Next Model drawing) is an experimental cross medial concept based on the classical model drawing. It resets your visual perception, triggers your imagination and is an ode to man in all strength and vulnerability, full time overwhelmed in our present superfluous Information Age. HNM is DRAWING UNDER THE INFLUENCE of light, sound, props, projections and performance. With the model at the centre stage in this environment of stimulus, layered settings appear that excite all senses Below you could see my result. 14976787_10209750581313364_7225192569336943009_o                         15123136_10209750580913354_8636693983525036426_o 15137534_10209750580833352_7076147731736848061_o                      15194427_10209750580873353_4885032507668194129_o 15122986_10209750655275213_3311481671072515932_o 15128854_10209750660635347_2448726163316834574_o 15137656_10209750661435367_8957086763630209855_o 15167643_10209750655475218_6687000048151773167_o 15194333_10209750655235212_3245670464031301248_o