In this assignment  I made a big drawing using pencil only to draw "The window to my mind". It was an assignment given by Tirzo Martha. The dwarfing should represent your thoughts and how you see things. I picked out how I saw my own life at that particular moment. It was a hard period of my life because I have been confronted with a big disappointing news. So that was all that was going through the window to my mind at that particular time. I started off making sketches using sketches I already used for a previous assigment I had with MJ simply because I didn't feel like I used them enough. So I hadn't had enough of it. Scan 43 So I made a new sketch of the watches. Because I wanted to incorporate it again in my drawing. I have been very inspired by the surrealistic works of Salvador Dali,so I also wanted to make a surrealistic drawing in which there would be no rules to my imagination,no particular techiniek that I was bound to,simply because it a window to my mind. And in my mind things can be very surrealistic 😛 Anyways. So I tried to bring depth in the drawing by drawing smaller watches to bigger ones in fronts. But by also using shadows. The shadows tho are not specifically put in a technical way.

IMG_1822 Theme: Window to my mind  |  The size ~ 180 by 140cm

The concept behind it is a bit personal. But what I do like to tell is that I used the watches to symbolise the good & the bad time that they all connect to each other but that did mark my steps to being the person that I am right now. The stairs symbolises my life that keeps going up because I keep growing up,learning things. The deer is a self-portrait that I used because its a very curious & impulsive animal and I also share the same characteristics it they do. The "part" that is like dragging the head of the deer is what had me terrorised in that period. The head of the deer is a watch that looking up,because through all the good and bad times,I always keep my head up.