I was one of the selected students to make a permanent mural painting on the Esmeralda building on capriles kliniek. We had to listen to songs,or just read and then based on a qoute or a line we would make the mural. The text had to be visible and also work in the painting also. I was very inspired by Jhene Aiko music during my proces. But I ended up using a "Buddist Quote" Which is : "Peace comes from within do not seek without" I started off making a few sketches and I ended up making A LOT! Scan 6  IMG_2116 This one was my first sketch. The artist in residence taught it was to girly and dreamy so she suggested me to make another one.making more   Scan 4     Scan 5  as you can see I made a few more. These are all on a A4 format. Then I made 4 sketches on a A3 format papier. #4 Was my definet choice. IMG_2122#1 IMG_2123 #2 IMG_2112 #3IMG_2115#4 IMG_2107So a grabbed 2 A3 format papier,put them on top of each other and drew my final sketch & also painted it to see which colors I would then use on for my mural. IMG_1745 - Copy Title : Peace comes from within do not seek without.