This was my first sculpture. It was an assigment given by one of our staff memebers at IBB. "Make a 3 dimensional portrait of yourself" I instantly  knew what I wanted to tell about myself so started to gather objects that I could use as reference to my concept. I see myself as a down to earth type of person. But also confused at times. Beacause although I am very sentimental,I could also be very cold. creative ,dreamy. My favorite color is purple. I like to live life on a edge and this is mostly because I am very curious. I also used to drink allot (alcohol). This was the result. IMG_1839 I made use of earthy colors to represent me being down to earth. The rose is a death rose to explain my dreamy sentimental side but also me being cold & raw.    IMG_1841 Every object is being hold by an Wine bottle holder. The bag represents my mind which is filled with creativity. IMG_1836 My bracelete has a hanger of a person so I used a piece of wood as an edge at where the "hanger" would represent me living life on the edge. And ofcourse it's purple.   Thank you for reading! Eugenie Boon 🙂