The assignment was to choose a building in Capriles and draw it from eye height and sitting down. A4 Perspective2-2 Eye Height perspective1-2 Sitting Down Upper Perspective Upper View This one was left up to our imaginations. Collage We got an assignment to choose a saying and a room in our house, take pictures and then make a collage with charcoal. My saying was 'Bo Rabia Bo Morde Bo Rabu' which literally translated means 'If you get mad you can bite your tail' which comes down to something like I don't care if you get angry. My space was the kitchen because my mother would always say this when my brother didn't want to wash the dishes.I drew myself in the kitchen. A3 Collage - Bo rabia bo morde bo rabu Web   Monument Sculpture The assignment was to make a miniature monument. Monument Plastic and a Feather