Each student made a sculpture based on a moral that we find important. They would then be joined into one piece. Then we drew charcoal drawings based on the sculptures. After that we also drew drawings while listening to music to see what effects it would have. Sculpture Dominic Sculpture Dominic Space This is the joined sculpture. The one in the middle is the one I worked on. A fellow student made the bible with words like love and patience, which to her represented her religion and morals. My part shows two hands together, one white and the other black. there's a doll hanging by a chain by the hands and an electric candle underneath it. It's about taking responsibility for your own actions and not taking an easy out or blaming others. Charcoal drawings A3 Drawings based on the sculptures Dominic Wood 2 Dominic Wood 3 Dominic Wood 4 Drawings while listening to music Dominic Wood 5 Dominic Wood 6 Dominic Wood 1