David advised us to draw our dreams and gave us an assignment to do just that. I didn't dream that night, so I drew an old dream. Pencil on paper - A4 Dream (Web) In this dream -or is nightmare more accurate- I'm walking down an unknown street and stop to talk to a neighbor. But I have to go. I suddenly have the knowledge that I've been invited to a house party 2 houses down. I'm on the porch about to enter the house when some old friends appear. We catch up and joke around and together we enter the house. It's not overly crowded and there's no loud music, just friends having fun. Instinct tells me to look behind me and when I do I see a man with his back to me standing by himself in the other room. My hair is standing on end and I have a bad feeling in the pit of my stomache. He look over his shoulder at me and... I get a view of the same house, but now in the middle of nowhere and hear a piercing scream. My own. Back inside the house there's a pile of dead bodies, a dead man, me crying and a police officer trying to ask me questions but all I can say is "I had to kill him or he would have killed everyone." But he wouldn't kill me. I felt that. And I think that I loved him.