• Life is great

  • On 29 of August 1996, a boy was born. Not just a boy, people say that he's a special boy. He was born with the smile that he has they said. When he was little, about two months something special happened. Something so special, that it's classified. He's blessed, he's healthy, he's happy, he's talented, he's funny, he's tall, he's a pain in the behind, he's special, he's Aithel. He likes so discover new things. He loved his Lego's very much when he was a little boy. And his Hot Wheels. He liked to create things with Lego. He had another vision when he was little then now. Playing with Lego's, he saw a lot of things happen in front of him. I guess, he was a little artist from the beginning.

    To make a long story short, I was to young to go to Netherlands all by myself. I was 16 that time.
    I found IBB, and it was a great opportunity for me to do what i like and to go to a place where i wanted to go a long time ago. He's working hard to make that dream possible. So hard that sometimes he just let the other plans of his drop and go to school to finish his works.